Piano & Musicianship

The Philosophy

Lucy Buttenshaw B.A., Dip. Ed. A.T.C.L.

There is much evidence about the beneficial effects of playing an instrument to improve the brain's capacity for learning all sorts of things besides music. In a nutshell, It's very good for us!

The initial and most important gain in learning how to play an instrument however comes from the sheer pleasure of discovering and making music.

My aim is for students to enjoy the piano and to develop the skills and confidence necessary to discover music independently.

There is the opportunity for students to try a range of music styles, to learn for a specific purpose, for pleasure, or to sit exams through the Australian Music Examinations Board (see courses below).

Students of all ages are welcome, from 5 to 105!


Available Courses:

Students may receive instruction for the following AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) exams:

P Plate Piano


Piano for Leisure

Music Craft

Theory of Music


NB. The AMEB - practical examinations in West Wyalong are held around July/August every year (see details in 'Term Dates').

Term Dates:

Scheduled lessons coincide with NSW school terms (Eastern Division).

NB. I will also teach over the holidays with a flexible timetable to fit around holiday activities - great for continuity and help with practice!

Piano/music lessons start for TERM 1 on Monday 5th Febuary 2018. The last lessons for TERM 1 take place on Friday 13th April 2018

Piano/music lessons start for TERM 2 on Manday 30th April 2018. The last lessons for TERM 2 take place on Friday 6th July 2018

July Holidays

NB: The 2018 AMEB practical examinations for the area can take place at any time between Monday 23rd July and Wednesday 22nd August as soon as I am made aware of the exact date it, will be posted here and I will inform the students.

Piano/music lessons start for TERM 3 on Monday 23rd July 2018. The last lessons for TERM 3 take place on Friday 28th September 2018

Spring Holidays

Piano/music lessons start for TERM 4 on Monday 15th October 2018. The last lessons for TERM 4 take place on Wednesday 19th June 2018

Tuition Fees:

Fees for 2018

$31 per half hour piano/music lesson.
$31 per hour per student for a class of 2 Group Music Craft / appreciation.
$25 per hour per student (3 or more students) Group Music Craft / appreciation..

Please pay half fee for all missed scheduled lessons and full fee where little or no prior notice has been given.

If paying on a weekly basis, it would be appreciated if fees for missed lessons could be brought when the student next attends.
Notice will be given if I will be absent for any lessons and substitute times will be offered where possible. (In case of an emergency I will contact via mobile phone).